Using and with your Resume and Cover Letter

The Resume Micro-Site blog concept allows for some nice opportunities to expand on your best stories without worrying about making your cover letter or your resume into a 6 page monster.

If your are able to email your resume and cover letter (i.e. responding to a Craigslist job post for example), this can be pretty easy. Here is the strategy:

Create your resume Micro-blog site to include some blog posts with detail on what the challenge was, how you stepped up to the challenge, and the results of your action. The whole story would be way too much detail for a resume or cover letter.  Writing out the story is good practice. Read it out load to yourself. If you get an interview, this is one of the stories you are going to want to tell. In a cover letter or resume, when you briefly describe in a short sentence your accomplishment, use the key words of the accomplishment to link to your blog post with this story.  Now, instead of pasting in the direct URL to the post, create a spreadsheet with the topic title, the actual link to the blog post, a shortened link, and a shortened link. Why these two? With both and you can log in and see how many times your links have been clicked.

For me, all of this is a work in progress so I’m not going to direct you to some examples I’m working on which would contaminate the statistics I’m hoping to measure. For example, on one of these sites I create, I only want to measure the hits from the HR department and hiring decision makers and influencers. In fact, you may want to set up your micro-site blog resume to ‘not be found’ be search engines. I have. If you do it this way, when you look at your site statistics, links to your site will likely only be coming from the links you included in your resume or cover letter. You can then see which of the links are getting some interest (how many times was the URL clicked).

When you get into HR web systems that don’t allow attachments, you will want to go back and add the or short URLs next too each of you “job or experience highlights”.

Note:  Just as you may need to tailor your resume and cover letter to specifically target a job, you may want to create several versions of your resume micro-site blog. In WordPress, it is pretty easy to export and import your blog to create more than one site. Also, remember that your last posts end up at the top and the first post you enter ends up at the bottom (unless you make a post sticky).

Test all links before sending/submitting.


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