Resume Micro-Site

Prior to creating my YouTube Resume with Navigation, I had done an experiment with creating a cover letter type introduction as a WordPress blog. This  introduction micro-site strategy has these advantages:

1. It is different from other traditional cover letters and allows showing my creative side.
2. It establishes that I’m skilled at blogging tools.
3. It shows an extra effort was made for this particular company and/or job
4. In my cases, it demonstrates skills applicable to the position I am applying for.
5. ANALYTICS ! I can look at my blog statistics and actually get an idea if my resume and cover letter are being circulated and viewed. I can even see number of views per day. If I have links to other sites or materials, I can see if these links are clicked.

In WordPress, there is an import and export tool. This can make it a little bit quicker to set up a site. Also, sites are free. I can set up a site for a particular company or for a particular job I’m interested in. I did not need to register a domain name. Blogger and Typepad are other popular blogging platforms you could also use. would let you set up a more complicated site structure. The idea is to do one quickly, perhaps in just a little more time than it would take you to construct a very focused and well thought out cover letter.

Although this site did not get me an interview with Cisco, here is an example of a Vblog Introduction micro-site I set up when applying for a Cisco Flip Product Marketing position:

Since this concept is experimental, I can explore different formats … perhaps create one with a single elevator pitch video intro and create a more text-based blog posts pertaining to my strengths in different areas specific to the job position. In the above example, since the job related to marketing a video-related product, I did the entire introduction in a video blog (vblog) format. In future resume micro-sites I create, I will use more text. Text is easier to scan.


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